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Le Monde d'Adrien    
Le mystère MacPherson  
Louis-Edmond Hamelin  

Le monde d'Adrien
Documentary by Katerine Giguère
Produced by Katerine Giguère and Sylvie Van Brabant
In production

This film follows the evolution of a young boy from the age of 6 to 12.
Adrien is a child blessed with a unique personality: his intelligence and sensitivity are far from ordinary. He grew up pursuing unusual passions for a young child, like fashion, design, the circus, architecture and luxury cars, among others.

This short experimental film brings us into the heart of the universe of a candid creative and offers a reflection on the theme of marginalization.

Le mystère MacPherson
(Working Title)
Documentary by Serge Giguère
Produced by Nicole Hubert and Sylvie Van Brabant
In production

The celebrity of filmmaker Martine Chartrand is well established. Her animated film Black Soul, which employs the technique of painting on glass, has been the most sensational success in recent years of the NFB’s French animation studio, garnering numerous awards at Canadian and international festivals. For her upcoming film project, Martine decided to illustrate a song by Felix Leclerc, MacPherson, which tells the tale of a black log driver who dies by drowning. Felix Leclerc (1914-1988), is by far Quebec’s most famous singer-songwriter, and a national hero.
Behind the legendary figure of MacPherson as sung by Félix Leclerc lies the story of a most astonishing character. Martine’s in-depth research into the life of Frank Randolph MacPherson soon evolves into a full-blown inquiry. In his documentary Le mystère MacPherson, filmmaker Serge Giguère tells of her quest. Over the five- year period during which Martine Chartrand painstakingly works on her animated film, he follows the filmmaker’s creative effort to demonstrate the contribution Black people have made to our society.

Serge Giguère invites the audience to discover who is hiding behind the MacPherson invented by Félix Leclerc. MacPherson wasn’t a log driver at all, but someone Felix knew personally. In fact, this Jamaican who immigrated to Quebec was a close neighbour of the Leclerc family. A learned man with a passion for music, he exerted a definite influence on the poet’s life. Martine hopes her animated film will serve as a metaphor for interracial friendship. A documentary on such a gifted and passionate artist will most definitely be a cinematographic adventure as it is being directed and shot by one of Quebec’s greatest documentary portraitist Serge Giguère. Through their creative synergy these two filmmakers hope to touch people


Louis-Edmond Hamelin:
le père du concept de la nordicité
Documentary by Serge Giguère
Produced by Nicole Hubert and Sylvie Van Brabant
In exploration

Giguère sheds a unique light on this 86-year-old visionary. This man has multiple dimensions and is indisputably part of the intellectual movement of Quebec, among those who have marked the 20th century. Louis-Edmond Hamelin, through his career, may be one of the great inspirations for the youth who lack a vision for the future. Giguère conveys us to a meeting with a man of the land, an inventor of words, a lover of the winter and the north who knows how to communicate his passions and emotions.